FEW is South Sweden’s largest communication group, currently consisting of four companies, each with its own area of expertise, and with its own visual identity. Our task was to create a unified front without compromising the individuality of each company.

Our solution was to create a tagline to work in tandem with the new visual identity. Each company kept its own name, adding to it "ONE OF FEW". For the sake of unity, we were quite strict on the visual side – and yet, to allow each company freedom of expression, we delivered the new identity in monochrome, leaving it to each company pick to its own color.

In collaboration with
Niklas Press, Karl Arildsson and Gustaf Hultberger.

In the tagline, grammar would dictate "one of the few". However, we choose to sharpen it to "one of few". And yes, it is grammatically incorrect. It also makes a big difference.

By daring to deliberately break the rules of grammar, FEW joins the ranks of Alfred Hitchcock, who in 1963 teased his masterful thriller with the words "The birds is coming!" – and Apple, who famously proved their ability to think differently by adopting the slogan "Think Different".

This way, FEW manages to make a bold statement without coming off as pretentious assholes. "One of the few" could easily come across as self-important, whereas "one of few" is quirky enough to catch people off guard while essentially delivering the same message.

The logo is the visual equivalent of "ONE OF FEW", an important tool in a time where icons have begun to take over the original function of letters.

Since we have a logo as well as a tagline, it might be tempting to go all in and use the two in combination. But here’s where our good sense as communicators must kick in. Using the tagline and the logo together would make no sense, since it would be like saying "ONE OF FEW, ONE OF FEW".

It might feel safer, because it would eliminate any risk of misunderstanding. But it’s important to remember that doing so would also eliminate any chance of wonder.

This is precisely the strength of the logo: It is a small puzzle in itself, whose solution is partly found in the eye of the beholder. This makes it not only capable of something different from the tagline. It also makes for wonderful communication.

The company names are bold, trustworthy and to the point. Straight talk in an industry of hot air. And by using ALL CAPS, we elevate the companies from names to brands.