Studio Tobias Røder

Studio Tobias Røder

Design is what ideas look like

Studio Tobias Røder is a Copenhagen-based design studio specializing in identity, communication and creative direction across all platforms. Founded by Tobias Røder in 2014, we collaborate with a wide range of brands, organizations, artists and start-ups.

Our view is simple: We see design as communication. In a world that’s becoming increasingly visual, this means we get to speak to more people than ever before. That’s good. But for the conversation to be meaningful, and for the message to cut through the clutter, it has to revolve around an idea.

So a lot of what we do focuses on getting to know our clients — understanding them, learning about their ambitions, their business, their competition — to the point where the design becomes surprisingly obvious. One look (or maybe two) and you get it.

Although we have a lot of faith in our ideas, we like to explore different options. Sometimes, the right thing to do is as little as possible. Perhaps all you need is a tweak to prepare for tomorrow. Other times, you’ll gain more by going further. And then, of course, there are times when you have a chance to blown everyone away by doing the unexpected. So no matter how well we know our clients, we’ll usually present vastly different proposals for each project.

This has been our approach for years now. Because every solution is based on insight — and because our work is crafted into clean, aesthetic design — it tends to stand out. It also stands the test of time. In an age of mass production and overconsumption, we find that quite comforting. Even beautiful.