Four multi-national corporations merged in to a single brand and came to us for their visual identity. The catch: It had to work in both North America, Europe and Asia.

To make sure each company would take ownership of the new brand, we used colors. The orange line comes from the Statoil drop, and the red harks back to Mac’s, Kangaroo Express and the original Circle K logo. We let one leg of the K intersect the circle, welcoming costumers and communities alike.

Millions of people across continents now look for the Circle K logo when in need of fuel and convenience. And the new logo is even on NASCAR racing cars…

In collaboration with
Mikkel Lemvig, Qvartz and Statoil.

The color scheme helps to communicate Circle K’s focus. Red, the primary color, stands for convenience – coffee, cigarettes, sandwiches, etc. – which makes up the bulk of the chain’s business. Blue, what you might call the rational color, is for fuel, windshield washer fluid and such. Finally, orange serves as a connecting color between convenience and all things car-related.