For almost 20 years has been matching lonely hearts. In that time, online dating has become commonplace for young and old. More and more services have cropped up, each promising to deliver partners through cyberspace, whether for a lifetime or just for the night. But up until now, few have had a profile separating them from the rest of the pack. Our job was to change that, and to make stand out as the dating site for those who take love seriously.

To signal the coming together of two people finding love, we designed the logo as two lines intertwining into one heart. And in an industry where red is the default color, for love as well as for lust, we opted for green as the color of hope.

In collaboration with
Jakob Staalby.

The new logo was launched by a nationwide ad campaign heralding headlines such as:
Keep fucking around and eventually you’ll find the one and only.
Also, if you buy a few more lottery coupons, you’ll soon be a millionaire.