Studio Tobias Røder

Studio Tobias Røder

Intense Identities

The fundamental problem with workshops is that there’s nothing at stake. It’s like flying a flight simulator. You might learn the basic functions of the buttons in the cockpit, but you’ll never have the sense of actually flying — or crashing, for that matter.

This workshop is different. In Intense Identities, the students create identities for real clients. They experience the nervousness of working for and presenting to people who have strong opinions about their work. Because they have to create identities for each other.

In design, as in life, you get what you give. The way to become a skilled designer is to learn about our clients, and to be open to the world around us. So this workshop is an intimate experience, in which the students are forced to ask questions, learn to explore, and to dare to get close.


Done in collaboration with the KK students at DMJX, Jesper Hansen, Hans Christian Asmussen, Kristina May and Mikael Bertelsen.
Photography: Karl Bager.