Studio Tobias Røder

Studio Tobias Røder

Welcome to paradise

Look at a map of the Danish island of Als and you’ll find Hell (Helved), Valley of Delight (Frydendal), and Godthorp (Guderup). So when the people of Elstrup Mill came to us with their project for an eco-theme park located on Als, we thought it would only be natural to name it Paradise (Paradis).

Paradis is a theme park that’s fun and fascinating to visit. It’s a place where children and adults can learn about their ancestors’ way of life and how to tackle today’s climate crisis and — last but not least — how to build a sustainable tomorrow. Paradis is a garden of flora and fauna and all the things that will define our common future: Energy, gastronomy, farming, and living. It is the ambition of Elstrup Mill to build a bridge of knowledge and insight between the past, the present, and our future.

The logo takes its shape from the old millstone that used to grind the grain from the fields of Als. It comes in three variations: one for use on small-scale objects such as embroidery and online, a standard-size, and an oversized version for large surfaces.

Done in collaboration with Hanne Risgaard and Arup.