We create visual identities. Our approach is simple: Design is not decoration. Design is what ideas look like.

In an industry that tends to wrap things up – in patterns, colors, shapes, ornamentations – we like to unwrap, to peel away, to strip down, until all that’s left is nothing but the truth. Plain and simple.

Perhaps that’s why our work is sometimes labelled 'minimalist', 'iconic' or 'provocative'. What’s more, it’s probably also why our work tends to stand the test of time, and why it is talked about.

Since, to us, design is what ideas look like, much of our job lies in finding the exact spot where the eye meets the idea. Our way of doing this is by developing three proposals, each with its own objective.

Proposal 1
As a way of making sure we stay true to our client, we begin by simply updating the existing identity. This is the most gentle approach. Think of it as repair work where we disassemble the engine, oil the necessary parts and get everything running smoothly again.

Proposal 2
Now that we’ve gotten our hands greasy, we’re ready to take things a little further. In this step we tweak the identity and perform a reality check on what we’re up against. Because even if it’s sometimes tempting to stay where you are, the rest of the world will invariably move on. And so, perhaps, should you.

Proposal 3
This is our most daring proposal. Going for this option will take courage for any client. But no matter how drastic it may seem, it’s not simply a blast from a clear blue sky. The 3rd proposal is always built on insight uncovered in steps 1 and 2.

Maybe you think that all we secretly want is to go for the daring proposal. That’s not the case. What we want is to solve the assignment we’ve been given. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes, yes, that requires a revolution. But in other cases, the best solution may be to preserve your heritage and merely prepare it for the future. Other times, the challenge is to change as little as possible. So we find all three steps noble and necessary – and we’ll be happy to take them with you.