Anders Frederik Steen makes biodynamic wine. At his chateau in France, he produces some of the purest, most uncompromising wines on the planet. And he likes to do it by hand. This includes the labelling of the bottles, which, to a designer, presents a maddening challenge: What do you do when you can never be sure any of the labels are in the same spot? Or worse still, when they’re all likely to be more or less askew?
The solution was as simple as it is obvious. I made the labels round. And I kept the typography slanted, circular and upside down, thereby obliterating the concept of straight angles. Now, no matter how you slap them on, you just can’t go wrong.

Also, in keeping with Anders Frederik Steen’s stubbornly uncompromising attitude, the labels are edible. Not a trace of additives anywhere, in the wine or on the label.